Creating Webinars that Convert – 7 Key Lessons From Past Projects

My first Webinar (2009) resulted in about $1,500 in sales from 30 attendees…. …and I was very disappointed with that result. The main reason…. I had no frame of reference, no baseline or past performance to compare (just unrealistic expectations). However, I did have some help from a mentor who reviewed the results with me […]

About Frank Kerns State of The Internet Address

There is an important message here. He starts with some good points about attitudes and money. But the meat of the discussion comes later. At 20min into the video Frank reveals an obvious but rarely followed bit of advice regarding lead diversity. Are you or your customers guilty? We see this online all the time. […]

Kajabi Issues vs. Features

I see one major issue with Kajabi… You need a product or the future plan to release one to really take advantage of the Kajabi platform. So.. it is not the cure to all that ails you. It is for the marketer that has a product or is very serious about creating one. And since […]

Kajabi vs. WordPress – It looks like a blog to me!

Hype vs. Reality – Kajabi or WordPress? I recently ran my entire launch on wordpress so I know for a fact that you don’t need Kajabi to run a launch. I ran using the “duct tape” method mentioned in the video overview. And you can do a wordpress site too. Heck, you don’t even need […]