Kajabi vs. WordPress – It looks like a blog to me!

kajabi Hype vs. Reality – Kajabi or WordPress?

I recently ran my entire launch on wordpress so I know for a fact that you don’t need Kajabi to run a launch. I ran using the “duct tape” method mentioned in the video overview. And you can do a wordpress site too. Heck, you don’t even need wordpress to run a launch but here is what you do need:

  1. A product
  2. A list (even a small one)
  3. JV partners (strong friendships are best)

You might have all those or none of them. Either way, the following information contains important lessons that I want to share with you….

Below were my biggest challenges and problems during the product launch

When you take the duct tape angle you need to be technically savvy and fortunately I am. I understand basic PHP, HTML, Amazon S3, Video streaming (poorly), Content Security (uh..) and the importance of scalability.

Apparently Kajabi addresses all these issues and Andy covers many of them in the latest Kajabi video. Here are the primary ones I have faced that might have been resolved by Kajabi (not entirely sure yet):

  1. 700+ email questions per day (communication platform)
  2. Server outages (downtime) mid-launch, luckily minimal
  3. Video compatibility (ipad / ipod /iphone)
  4. JV communication (split between blogs and email)
  5. Effective content sharing and sequencing (timing)

So.. lots of issues that might have been addressed by this new web platform. And I fully intend to find out if they will in fact fix my issues. Apparently when Kajabi is released it will include a 14 day free trial and a very low monthly investment.

I can tell you that dealing with technical issues, display problems and communications challenges is not what you want to face when handling a product launch of any kind…

You just need stuff to work…. period.

But the true test for me will be getting my hands on the product and taking a look at the inner workings. I still have concerns regarding merchant accounts, Paypal and autoresponder integration. I plan to pay very close attention to the promises made and to take advantage of the 14 day trial to dig deeper.

I also plan to share what I find here on my mostly ignored personal blog.

If you want to take a look at it and follow along, you can check out the latest Kajabi Video.



P.S. – I signed up as a JV so the links on this page will indeed give me credit for referring you.

P.P.S. – I am not suggesting you buy this thing. However, I am going to buy it and I will share my personal views here too. Hopefully that will save you the time.


24 thoughts on “Kajabi vs. WordPress – It looks like a blog to me!

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  2. Patrice Walker

    Hey, I definitely wanted to add my .25 cents into the conversation. I have to say that I just bought the Pro package of Kajabi about a week ago. I definitely can say that I know where Andy is trying to go with it.

    I do feel that what they are offering as a platform is definitely what I wanted for my businesses. Yes, I could have used WordPress as I already do for my blogs, but I definitely do not have the time to get all the necessary plugins and get someone to sync up my pages, etc for launches. So for me, I am willing to get into what Kajabi offers and make things simpler for what my needs are.

    I haven’t been hit with big bugs or anything, (yet) but I know to expect that. I have dabbled with other software that had been around for years that had kinks that were not ironed out.

    So, I am going to work my projects and see how things go. I definitely wanted to try Kajabi. The day I heard of it, I spent about 8 hours researching the reviews. I based my decision to purchase Kajabi on my needs and the reviews of the product itself.

    Alright, I just wanted to chime in. I like for things to save me time. My training courses and coaching program are in the process of being set up at Kajabi. I can say that I’ve already saved myself a ton of time since purchasing Kajabi, so I am going to hold off a second before I really provide a real opinion on my thoughts of it. i’ve only worked with it for about a week.

    But so far, I can deal. It it serving exactly what I need right now. I’ll be back in about a month or two with an honest opinion on it.


    Patrice Walker

  3. Jim Landers

    Any idea how similar this is to FusionHQ?

    Appears to do much the same, though looks like Fusion has the affiliate system etc already. (I have been playing with this system for a month or so now and am very happy with it. However I don’t need the affiliate management function yet, and Kajabi does look super sexy)

    Just concerned that with Kajabi you only get 1 site for you $99/month.

    1. rstanley

      @ Jim – I like them both and own them now. I see them as having advantages and disadvantages in each one. FusionHQ does not offer the launch / JV management side of things and also lacks the social aspect related to releasing content. BUT – Fusion is less expensive, offers real-time split testing and also has unlimited use for domains. I think Kajabi is a better training and launch platform. I think Fusion is a better internet marketing / CB platform which is great for download products.

      Which one you choose would depend upon the needs of our customers and your application of the tools and features.

  4. Shane aka~Cominback


    I’m interested in hearing about your experiences using Kajabi.

    As a local service provider, I’m not certain that a different platform would make much difference.

    Maybe if we had a product to launch it would be more appealing. But without, I just don’t see the need yet. Am I wrong in thinking this way?

    Anxious to hear what you think of this. Thanks for keeping us posted Robert.

    Good Luck,

    Cheers from Wyo

  5. Entrepreneur & Small Business Consultant in Philadelphia

    While your explanation for deciding to use WordPress as your medium for the iStreet Fighter product launch, was a sound arguement, you neglected to mention that…

    Four of the most recently popular launches were done using Kajibi:

    – Jeff Johnson’s Traffic Voodoo 2.0
    – Frank Kern’s List Control
    – John Reese’s Outsource Force
    – Traffic Geyser’s Main Street Marketing Machine

    Oh, yeah, and a fifth one… Andy Jenkin’s own Video Boss

    While the production/delivery of your launch was sound, the above-mentioned launches all had Andy’s video expertise behind them.

    So, like you stated, doing a launch using WP is a great & reasonable way to go, but I loved the slick, balls-out productions of the other launches.



    1. rstanley

      @ Kevin (entrepreneur & …)
      Totally agree with you.
      Those were great launches.
      I personally had no choice since Kajabi wasn’t available when I did Street Fighter. I hope to get my hands on it and provide some contrast and gain an understanding if this would have been an advantage (in hindsight) . My blog post wasn’t meant to be an attack but an objective view. nothing more.

  6. spencer

    Thanks Robert,

    We have several products and membership programs all built through wordpress and infusion soft which works great but definitely always looking for easier ways to go about things….

    BTW…Kajabi’s customer management looks pretty similar to Customer Hub by infused systems

  7. KB

    So you’re going to be the guinea pig for us? Cool! Let us know how it goes. I have no problem buying through your link if you provide HONEST feedback.

  8. waiting to answer - "What is Kajabi?"

    Well, these guys seem to LISTEN to what their customers want, and at the very least Kajabi is a platform that can be added to and adjusted to create more value for users (hopefully all at one low price point).

    This seems like WordPress but with more built-in marketing and SEO features and it will be interesting to see what it does and cannot do once it’s available

  9. Thom r Leonard

    Will be interesting to say the least, personal opinion is good if it is truly unbiased. Just checking! 😉
    The unvarnished truth to all of these programs is that they will ALL Work if you work the plan, the plan generally works.

    That said, may you have nothing but good skill working this product.
    A parting shot would be. Part of working a plan is having good tools.

  10. justin

    Oh, the question is though, will all launches essentially look similiar now on the same platform and all?

    1. rstanley

      I suppose that is true. Lets see how they address that in the Q&A. I think that is a real concern.

  11. justin

    Great sales angle, the ole “make comments how its hard to do it yourself, it has some bugs and stay tuned for more updates and then BAM tell hem how great it is or how its much easier to use than wordpress later on. Good approach.

  12. Doctor J

    I’m surprised it will have a modest price tag. It looks slick, and I guess it’ll raise everyone’s expectation for what constitutes a quality product/launch, just like when all the gurus upgraded their video quality a few months back to include all that greenscreen work – Kern, Reese, Jenkins, etc.

  13. dev

    i just got an email from Eben about this and i much prefer your approach. Thank you for your keen insights and thank you for keeping us posted about your Kajabi experience.

  14. Jos

    Come on Robert. you surely know the power of Kajabi and you know if it’s coming from Andy it’s probably very, very good. The question is: for who is Kajabi? Is it only for marketeers with a big list and big launches or is it also for beginners?

  15. Brian

    Hey Robert. Great to see you’re on top of this. Not having a product myself, I appreciate your experience regarding product launch mechanics.

  16. Lauren

    You might want to update your “about me” thing down there, lol.

    Also, I subscribe via e-mail and click when something catches my attention.

    I’m a blogger person myself – never liked WordPress much. If I want something quick, easy and brainless I’ll use blogspot. If I want something set up just the way I want it, I’ll code it myself. WordPress limits me when I want to do that.

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