Kajabi Issues vs. Features

kajabi I see one major issue with Kajabi…

You need a product or the future plan to release one to really take advantage of the Kajabi platform. So.. it is not the cure to all that ails you. It is for the marketer that has a product or is very serious about creating one. And since it has a recurring expense associated with it, you really need to have a product to sell so you can cover that cost.

Anyway, despite that.. I just finished watching the video overview (at 1am) and here are the major features that I liked:

  1. Perpetual launch – I wanted this for potential use with offline clients (more on this later)
  2. Video Conversion – I have struggled with providing mobile content to my members (its a pain)
  3. JV / Affiliate Management – Communicating with JV partners is as important as communicating with customers. I am using the JV module now (as a JV) and I like what I see and what I have experienced.
  4. Shopping Cart – (future module) Although this isn’t currently available it is a VERY compelling reason for me to buy. I have purchased and used the following software tools; Infusionsoft (a.k.a. confusionsoft), 1shoppingcart, Nanacast, and a few other more obscure ones. I have not been excited about any of them.
  5. Conversion / Split testing – This is more important to me now than when I first started playing the “marketing game”. I used to just be happy with a sale regardless of conversions. That changed as the numbers changed and its something worth paying attention to.

There is more than that…

But that’s what caught my attention. I spoke to a friend in the business who has an insider view on the product (hi Mike!). He was telling me how rapidly the product has changed and that each release seems to get better and better.

What does that mean?

To me… that means I need to get in now while the price is low (relatively speaking). I also need to take FULL advantage of the 14 day trial to make sure I can leverage this seemingly powerful tool. I will post an update once I make my way into the product and share more details too.

Now what ?

Well… for me, I am purchasing. For you.. I don’t know?

I don’t think you should purchase unless you have a product but you might want to take a look at the 14 day trial and determine if it makes sense for you in the future.

Here is a no-strings special offer too:

ecover-001 Signup for the 14day trial or early bird using this carefully hidden > affiliate link < and then kick-off your free trail. Once you do just shoot me a message to Kajabi [ @ ] robertmstanley.com . And I will give you access to the recorded version of my recentProduct Creation Profit seminar.

Even if you don’t have a product.. it would be worth getting the trial. At a minimum so you can take a sneak peek.

If not..

No worries. I will post another update (with video) showing you what I am doing to make the system work for me. And hopefully you can find that to be useful.



Carefully Masked Kajabi Link

25 thoughts on “Kajabi Issues vs. Features

  1. Curtis Rasmussen

    My company gave ConfusionSoft a 5 month, FULL-SCALE trial and then dumped it–with vigor! We had used Goldmine, Salesforce, ACT!, Sugar and aWeber (aWeber for over 10 years). We were drawn to it by the very cool feature set, but little by little the “over-promising” started to show and then the whole thing fell apart. We had over 350,000 contacts in our database and dozens of proactive lead generating and reactive nurturing campaigns running and it was not ready the stress and requirements we had for it.

    Frankly, it may not be an apples and apples comparison, but that is my fear about Kajabi. You purchase it, do the 14 day evaluation (which is not long enough), transition your content and then 5 to 6 months down the road you run into unforeseen problems.

    Question. Do any of you have user updates now that we’re 4 months into Kajabi’s release?

  2. Leah

    ^^^^^WHO ELSE WANTS TO BE TRIBE members?? Since we are ALL members of YOUR TRIBE, why don’t we have one of your FIFTY (50) Admin logins so we can learn from you – up close and personal.

    Why else would Kajabi include 50 admins with 30 projects or 30 admins with 10 projects? If anyone else is ready to learn while we earn with Stanley here, better speak up or he won’t know.

    Please let me know when you will be able to put those admins to good use – helping is what everyone wants to do right? Here’s your big chance to make a big difference – pretty cool, huh?

  3. Dan Anderson

    Hi Robert,

    Haven’t seen you in a while. Congratulations with your launch.

    You are accurate with your review of kajabi. As a beta tester I feel this product fills a definite need.

    Glenn, no one will get rich from kajabi, because its not that kind of product. Its only a delivery system, similar to what aweber is to email. You don’t get rich from aweber, you get rich from writing emails that get your subscribers to open them up and buy something. Aweber is just delivering your email. kajabi is just delivering your product or info product and fairly well I might add. You get rich from your product, hopefully!

    Robert is right, its not for beginners unless you have an info product to sell. Same as when your starting out, you don’t need an email provider until your ready to start building your list.

    Kajabi definitely has its place, but there are other options out there. I think Robert has touched on a few of them.

    I don’t have an affiliate link, and I’m in no way associated with it. I’m just telling you what I know about the product as a beta tester. I would buy the product if I needed a info product delivery system.

    Robert, hope to see you at a chapter meeting soon.

  4. Glenn Foster

    Give it a break y’all.

    Hal Hoadley is right.

    Ill show my arse in Euston Station if anyone makes a living using this.

  5. Lark Tucker

    Robert, My favorite part of your post was your “cleverly disguised affiliate links.” Something about them makes me want to buy through your link rather than any of the other lists I am on.

    But I don’t have a launch ready and I don’t like the idea of a perpetual mortgage of $199 or $299 a month. Sure, that’s peanuts to the likes of Frank Kern who probably got in for nothing on the beta. But that’s a bit much for those of us just starting out.

    You go for it. I’ll use cheaper tools for now.

    1. rstanley


      Thanks for the comment. Yes.. an internet mortgage is not something anyone wants, I agree. I a few of them at the moment. Just starting out… you might want fusionHQ or something even more basic like wpwishlist (for memberships).

  6. Hal Hoadley

    Robert, I’m finding Kajabi not the product it is portrayed to be by everyone who is promoting it. I think you and every other pundit out there is doing this for the money. I believe this product was created to help the entrepreneur to save time promoting their product but I haven’t heard anyone, not one person give a straight answer about what this product isn’t. It isn’t for the newbie, it isn’t for the lazy marketer looking for a system where all he needs to do is push a button and it definitely isn’t for the guy with one product. If you are just starting out in the internet marketing world, 14 day free trial is a waste of time. For the beginner, $99 month is pretty steep. Then you can get to $299 per month for the ultra package. What you nor anyone else is saying is that if you decide to opt-out of Kajabi, you lose everything that was in there. Everything will be erased and you end up with nada, zilch for your time and effort.
    I just wish the whole truth about a product can come out without all the hype about what it is. Let the buyer decide. For now, Let The Buyer Beware!

    1. rstanley

      @ Hal , Kajabi is not for everyone. Definitely not for newbies and it is definitely NOT for someone who does not have a product (see blog post above). I can tell you from personal experience that this product looks to fix many problems for me personally. I have no idea if it will for you or for anyone else. I am still uncertain if it will solve my issues. I plan to buy it and I will share my experiences once I have some but at the moment I have none. Regarding the opt-out, this is true of any hosting platform, stop paying your website hosting fee and they will stop taking care of your data. Quit paying rent at your apartment and eventually your TV and blue jeans will be in the street. That’s just the way the world works.

  7. Walt Laurel

    Robert, nice straighforward review. I alos reviewed it yesterday and plan to use it on my marketing and coaching client launches, as well a my own. Make no mistake, it is for serious marketers with a good product. The setup is $99 one time. Then you pay $99/ month for a single product platform, I believe $199/month for (5) platforms. There is one other level…I believe $299/month

    Obviously for serious business owners!

  8. Barbra

    That’s a good point. If you don’t have a product ready and you jump in now just to get early bonuses, you may find yourself paying for the service month after month without actually using it. On the other hand, if you are paying for the service that just might be an incentive to get busy and create a product to sell!

  9. joy

    I have a book coming out end of November (with coaching products & a membership site for nurses eventually coming out over a few months) would like to wait until then to start using something like this.

    Is there a time limit to start 14 day trial? Can I start it in Nov? or is it one of those things where there’s a “deadline”? and if so, when is the deadline, thanks

    1. rstanley

      @joy, I just looked this up. It looks like the free 14day trial is only available as part of the launch. So I would recommend that you take advantage of that and AT LEAST get an insiders view for the future application to your product.

  10. Andy

    Is InfusionSoft intentionally complicated?! I like your ConfusionSoft quip and will claim it as my own. 😉
    I’ve been excitedly waiting for Kajabi and was stoked to see a first review. All hail Robert! 🙂

    1. rstanley

      Hey Andy,
      Confusionsoft is just too powerful and as a result can become overly complicated. For the info marketing business it might be too much. Unless your Dan Kennedy. I know he is a fan and probably a stock holder. 🙂

  11. Shane Massingham

    There does seem to be some valuable functions available or marked for future editions. I will follow to see what your recommendations are after you use it some more.



  12. Doug

    They still haven’t said how much have they? And it is a mortgage payment? You invest all your time building a site and then you are hooked in forever or you have wasted your time setting up…

  13. Glenn Foster

    I knew it was another crock of shite the minute I watched the promotional video.
    Is Alexa paid to promote this stuff cos im sure I would of missed it otherwise? Alexa toolbar was trying to tell me it was the second most important search term yesterday…. right…. yeah…. whatever….

    Its a typical “lets get hyped up about something” product. I give it 6 months before it turns into yet another clickbank product with a mile long ‘pitch’ page.


  14. Michael

    Hi Robert, thanks for the review, great work as usual 🙂
    Can i please ask, would you reconsider putting up the blog for street fighter for another 24hrs so i can please watch the videos again as my computer had a major meltdown as i was watching them and by the time i got it fixed they were gone 🙁

    Thanks anyway

  15. Tony

    Hi Robert

    Clearly this is going to set the standard by which other programs are judged, presentationally it looks great although the promo videos are miles too long

    Given the time needed to switch everything over I think we need to be sure before switching

    Thanks Tony

    1. rstanley

      Good question. My understanding is that they call those “projects” and each level of Kajabi offers a certain number of projects, features, storage and users.

  16. Wendy

    Many thanks for this insight into using Kajabi – I do not as yet have a product pending, so will await your next post. Thanks.

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