Too Cool For School – Rebecca Black Parody

WARNING :Before you read this.

If you have teen or tween daughters this will be more amusing than not.  The orignal video and music is the type of garbage (my opinion) I hear my daughters listening to all the time and it drives me insane.

I love my girls beyond comprehension but if you have young daughters you know what I mean. They are constantly hijacking my car stereo!!

OOps… I think I am showing my age now.

ANYWAY… This is a parody produced by Kyle Cease and my friend Jason Moffatt ( Jmo ) which is based upon the original  music video featuring Rebecca Black.

Orignal Video


Cease & Moffatt Parody


Funny stuff. If only there was a way we could get paid to do silly videos like that all the time. And..

There is a Viral Marketing Lesson Here Too

I sent a text message to Jason and congratulated him on the brilliant video. He replied and said that it might have taken them too long to get it out because the Rebecca Black video had 400,000 views when they started to make the Parody. But when they released their version the original was up to 16million views. Yikes…

16 Million is a Giant Number

However, I suspect a fair number like watching because it SoOOO cheesy. And a larger number are actually into this type of teen pop music. Look no further than the disney channel to see proof of this massive teen / tween market (my daughters).

Do You Smell The Record Contract?

I suspect that this girl will soon be on David Letterman and perhaps she is the new female version of Justin Bieber. Really incredible when you think about it. Put up a poorly produced music video, go viral and get instant fame. Make me think more about what I can do for my local clients to create viral traffic. I guess it is tough to create a viral divorce attorney or auto repair video.

What do You Think?

7 thoughts on “Too Cool For School – Rebecca Black Parody

  1. Zach Wilsterman

    I thought the original video was …rough…and I DO have a daughter almost ready to enter the tween years.

    I really liked the parody some for the parody but mostly for the details. I liked how he tied the “follow me on Twittter” message. I also liked how he had the link to his weekly video, his other videos over the parody video, and also how he was having a conversation with someone off screen. These all draw the viewer in to the conversation.

    I have Weekly Video Updates for my customers (see the example at and there are some technics I will include in the future.

    Thanks Robert.

  2. Stewart Alexander

    Thanks for sharing this Rob,

    Never heard of the young lady and couldn’t listen to more than a minute… Did I need to? 🙂

    About your divorce lawyer idea. How about something like this;

    Husband and wife divorce lawyer team.

    Short scenes of them representing their client in court. Make them look holier than though.

    Husband lawyer comes home one day, finds his lawyer wife in bed with another married divorce lawyer from a competing law firm.

    Shock, horror, disgust!

    Turns out that the lawyer being cheated on is having an affair with the wife of the lawyer sleeping with his wife.

    Everybody wants a divorce. Who should they turn to?

    Your client of course. If they can sort out double crossing, cheating lawyers, they can certainly solve your case… Call: 0800 bla, bla

    Maybe have a short catch phrase/song using the Ghost Busters track as the background music.

    “If ya marriage is dead, and it ya want at least half – who ya gonna call? ______!” (enter clients name)


    “If ya wanna a divorce, and it ya want it all – who ya gonna call? ______!” (enter clients name)

    Just a rough thought to play with.

    1. rstanley


      Thanks for the comment. I gotta say…. you are more creative than I am when it comes to lawyers. I suppose all we need to do is watch a few soap operas.

  3. rstanley

    @Mary – Thanks for the comment. I guess your right. If the video meets the demand of the target while also being funny it have a better chance overall.

    Like the lawyer idea too. Wonder how that would do.

  4. Mary Ann Kirchhoffer

    I think one of the keys to going viral is comedy- you pointed it out that the original teen pop was comedic in it’s own way, not to the target age group, but to the untargeted age groups.
    So, a divorce attorney’s comedy video could go viral BUT may show him in a bad light-who wants a funny lawyer to get the best money out of your soon to be ex-SOB?
    But we could tie comedy videos of funny bits from movies or stand-ups talking about divorce and have the lawyers link and something like-“don’t let this happen to you” or “when you need a divorce atty who takes you seriously call…” all placed in the description below the video, now THAT might get something viral.
    Me, I could have used a funny atty to cheer me up during my wretched divorce…..just my 2 cents.

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