Three Ways to Get More Calls and Leads From Your Law Firm Website

attorney websites that perform Most Attorneys I work with start out very skeptical. And it is no surprise given the fact that the majority of services, firms and marketing resources available grossly underperform.

What do I mean by this?

In reality this issue isn’t limited to the legal industry but attorneys seem to get screwed the most in my experience. In part, it is their own fault because they fail to track their own marketing ROI (return on investment).  If you are an attorney and you feel like your website isn’t really working for you or you just aren’t sure….

It Is Not Your Fault!

Your marketing firm, advertising agency or web firm should have implemented basic tracking tools to help you determine the best sources of clients online. Everything from call tracking to web form conversion can be gathered up into a nice little summary report using Google Analytics, Goal Tracking and Events.

This does require some knowledge and a string understanding of digital marketing principles. But shouldn’t that be something that your designated agency brings to the table? Oh… and if you are an attorney and also consider yourself the “webmaster”… I recommend you pick only one.

Anyway.. on to the promised “Three Ways to Get More Calls and Leads From Your Law Firm Website”:

#1 – Phone Number – Place a large and very visible phone number at the tippity top of your homepage. If possible, also include an icon that adds to the non-verbal message and screams “Hey You! This is The Phone Number!”. It should appear in the same location on every page and also in the footer, contact us page and landing pages. If possible also implement some sort of call tracking as well.

#2 – Case Evaluation / Contact Forms – We like to use popup forms “above the fold” and also place forms within the footer, contact and of course on the landing pages. We recently discovered that our case evaluation icon and text was getting the majority of clicks / submissions. As such, we started to experiment with placement, size and other factors. Now 30-40% of our clients requests come from our “free case evaluation” icons at the top of the page.

#3 – Image Selection – I know, this one seems strange but selecting the proper images for your website can make or break your bounce rates, page views and overall engagement. I am not sure how to convey the importance of this other than the following fact…. Facebook purchased Instagram (social photo sharing app) for 1 Billion Dollars. Why? I am sure there are several reasons I am not aware of but one thing is clear when advertising online… images matter. In our testing we see conversions range from 0% to 10% with no change other than images and image location.

Hint: When using images, use people more often and use happy attractive people.

So there you have it. Nothing profound or necessarily amazing but oddly enough it is all the little things that add up. In general I find that a well constructed website should convert around 5% (lead conversion across all pages). I know this is a gross generalization and that there are many variables impacting such numbers but….

I can make such claims because you probably have no idea what your site is converting at today.

If you want to know your exact number, just implement google analytics and start tracking.


If you would rather scrap it all and start with something new I would be happy to assist. For more information please visit the law firm website page.


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