WordPress Security Tips – Simple Steps Anyone Can Follow

WordPress security is a growing concern. If you have been using WordPress for any length of time chances are good that at least one of your sites has been compromised. The good news is that you can take some basic precautions to reduce your risk and security headaches. Basic Security Steps Securing WordPress can range […]

WordPress 101 – Best WordPress SEO Plugins

SEO is a large topic. It changes so much that gives me heartburn but here is the “low-down” on SEO in one word….. FINDABILITY! Thats right, no magic tricks… the purpose of Search Optimization is to make content findable. I recall my first ever website and my uneducated assumption that people would just find it… […]

WordPress 101 – Top ten reasons I use wordpress for web development

First allow me to clarify something… I dont actually do any development myself. I either outsource or assign more advanced tasks to my design team. My level of wordpress knowledge starts and ends within the graphical interface. However, I make thousands of dollars every month creating custom wordpress sites for businesses and professionals all over […]