Setting goals for the new year

Feeling the Need to Plan

For some reason I like to make lists, plan things out and then it ends there.  Interestingly enough, I have always found more success when I have outside pressure. If I share my ideas, or have a deadline with another person watching.. then things get done. The new world of technology seems to have an answer with the….

Integration of Social Media and “Social Pressure

In my hunt for a new plan and focus for 2013 I stumbled across several interesting tools. I was looking for to-do lists, tracking systems and other software to help me gain focus and create accountability. I have probably purchased and tossed out more software than is humanly reasonable. The missing element has always been the external accountability.

Working as an Entrepreneur Can Be Lonely

When your trying to move ahead and get things done, there is only one person to blame if it does not happen. As a result self-motivation is a critical skill and one that we all struggle with (particularly during holidays).  As I said before, external pressure is often the answer to the motivation issue, at least for me. This is the reason I think the new Social Media styled accountability is really interesting. And I think it has tremendous applications outside of just your personal life.

Tools for Goals and Measurements

I recently read an article on lifehacker for goal tracking services and  reviewed them all. I actually signed up for two of them and ended up with one that fit my personality. I tested mindbloom and lifetick . Mindbloom was very interesting and kinda fun… but I had trouble figuring it out. It seems intuitive at first but I am more analytical when it comes to goal setting. Which is why I ended up sticking with lifetick, that is what the image is on this blog post.

It all starts with core values (problem found here)

Lifetick starts you off with selecting your core values. I set my core values in five primary topics…. contribution, business, family, lifestyle and health. As I began to fill out my core values I found a heavy weighting towards work and business. It has always been my passion but it became obvious, almost immediately, that life was out of balance. For at least two years I have been telling myself I would focus more on my health. By-far it has been neglected the most and it became obvious when I looked at the charts and goals I had associated.

Guilt and more Guilt

For some reason I always feel guilty when I am not working on projects or trying to improve my business. It consumes my mind while at dinner or even trying to relax (ha ha yea right). I feel bad that I am not working out or eating better or spending more time with the kids but when I do those things… I feel even worse. I put too much weight on business success.

Self Reflection and Life Balance

Looking back and also reviewing my new goals paints an interesting picture. It is clear to me that my feelings of frustration in business are actually due to a lack of balance. Balance is easier said than done… but anything worth doing is rarely easy. One of my weakest areas areas is health / fitness.  It is strange too, for the longest time I worked out every day.  Once married with kids, a corporate job and then later my own businesses, I found myself pushing health and fitness aside.

The Classic Weight Loss Resolution

Like most people, the new year is when we decide to lose weight and get fit. This rarely lasts past February or March. IN my case, I need to workout for health and stress…. not so much weight loss… although I believe I am 5-7 lbs over my ideal body weight. Anyway…. my wife and I found something called fitbits and have added each other as “social connections” for accountability. I have taken the extra step to add my mother, sister and father. I think I might add a few friends too… just to create some social pressure for myself.

Next time…

This has become more journal entry than blog post and gone on waaayy too long. I think I will give my review and feedback of the fitbit product once I have some news to report. Hopefully you can use this information in some way….despite the self-centered topics. I plan to talk a little about weight loss and this fitbit thing… maybe you will join me on this project too. Who knows.


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