Office Autopilot Tip – Better Than A Coupon or Free Trial

This is the top-secret way to get Office Autopilot (the baby version) for only $29. Yea that’s right only twenty nine bucks.

Well not really a secret….

But very few people know about Sendpepper [1] which is the little brother to Office Autopilot. Sendpepper allows fledgling business owners to work their way up to the more expensive big brother.
Now it is important to note that it does not have all the features of Office Autopilot but it does provide you will a real opportunity to build out all your autoresponders. And…

It still lets you send postcards (weeee)!

Using postcards in combination with email is a really unique way to design a followup campaign. All with a few clicks of your mouse too since the postcard design tool is built into the system.

I know… that image is not the best postcard example, but you get the idea. Anyway, this is a fantastic alternative to the full application because it allows you to grow. You can always upgrade later but if…

…you need shopping cart features you will need Office Autopilot. This try and buy growth option is something you wont find with similar CRMs like Infusionsoft. Having said that, each of them have strengths and weaknesses (yea I have both).

Did I mention tagging?

If your looking for powerful features like tagging (for list segmenting) and have a smaller budget then look no further. That is another great feature of the baby brother version. Tags allow you to “tag” a person in your database every time they take some sort of action, like click on a link. This is powerful stuff that allows you to perform advanced email marketing tricks typically found in the BIG CRMs.

Why Sendpepper vs. Other Autoresponders?

– If you need tagging
– If you really need the postcard feature
– If you Want to capable of converting to full CRM later
– If you have a limited budget and a larger vision!

So there are a number of reasons you should consider the it but what about the reasons to avoid it?

What is not so great?

– User interface (my opinion)
– The way you sort lists or tags (kinda clunky)
– Post card costs (a little high)
– Administrative functions (settings spread in different areas)

Overall conclusion

A fantastic stater platform with room to grow. Powerful tagging and followup with post cards and email that you just wont find anywhere else for the price. A feature rich platform with an entry level price point that any new business can tolerate.

What do you think? Have you ever used Office Autopilot or its’ little brother?

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