In Pursuit of More Customers, Direct Mail For Local Consultants

Getting customers is the priority of every small business and local consultants, like me, are no different. Today I spent some working with Andy Curry on his direct mail campaign.

Fortunately he allowed me to record and share this call with you. If you have considered direct mail as a viable form of lead generation then this is definitely for you. There are some key topics discussed here that can benefit almost anyone.

On the call we discussed some numbers (stats) that are important to every marketing campaign. The most relevant being the Cost Per Lead or Cost Per Action. Lead generation companies have even moved to the “cost per call” model. Using that as a frame of reference you will discover that Andy is generating calls from local dentists for about $30.

We cover most of the metrics, areas for improvement and related topics on this call. If you would like to listen you can find the first 10min of  audio on youtube here:

You can download the full interview here:

Mp3 Download – Direct Mail Marketing

If your interested in learning more about this topic please leave a comment and let me know. I will be happy to cover additional topics.



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