Outsourcing for Local Marketing Consultants

sem-idea-map Have you started outsourcing yet?

You know.. all the stuff you hate to do and never seem to find the time to get done. I have been doing it for a while but, like you, I was very reluctant at first.

Why outsource when you can do it better?

I know. When it is something your good at why would you outsource? I bet you can do the work faster, better and easier than anyone you know. That is fine… but now you are limiting the amount of money you will make. One person can only work so many hours a day. Eventually you hit a wall and need help.

What Kind of Stuff Can You Outsource?

Almost everything in the Internet world can be outsourced. And certain things can’t but lets talk about a few things that you can outsource:

  1. Calling / Scheduling and Administrative work
  2. Web Development and Design
  3. Project Management
  4. Social Media Tasks
  5. Search Optimization
  6. Programming and Software Development
  7. Book and Article Writing
  8. And more..

But What About the Risks?

Well. That one is worth talking about more. So I held a one-on-one interview with fellow offline marketer Howard Tiano. Howard is a genius when it comes to outsourcing and on this call he provides some great tips on how to avoid the biggest outsourcing mistakes and risks.


p.s. – Please leave a comment and let me know what you think about outsourcing and if your currently doing it…

9 thoughts on “Outsourcing for Local Marketing Consultants

  1. Michael McCarty

    Today I was listening to another recording on your site and saw that you had an interview on outsourcing. Talking about perfect timing for me to hear this. Incredible information even years after it was record. Thank you so much for putting this out there.

    Talking about a skill I really want to master as someone that loves the sales side of the business.

    “Thank you”

  2. Adrian Lee

    I like how out-sourcing and out-tasking is defined.

    In off-line business, we always talk about getting the right person for the right job. It applies to internet marketing as well.

    Good audio!

  3. Alan Clark

    Hi guys,

    Awesome audio. I have already had a few jobs booked on odesk for some of my websites.

    For a while I have been looking at becoming an online marketing services provider.

    I have just went out and booked the same job 5 times with 5 different people as suggested in the call.

    I would really appreciate a message back with reference to the following question:

    Are you guys planning on doing a course where you outline some good services that we can offer clients that lend themselves well to outsourcing?

    I am testing my 5 guys on one stage of a service I plan to offer but would love more guidance in this area.



    PS> Great free info. Worth paying for in itself. Please don’t wait too long to “persuade” your man to share more 🙂

  4. Jim Iannelli

    As always Rob, you present a NO B.S., frank assessment of the day-in, day-out situations that offline marketers face, and how to deal with those challenges.

    Jim Iannelli

  5. Tony Clingan

    Hi Robert

    I outsource a lot of stuff and the more you do it the better I find I get at the process

    The problem always comes when you go into a new area and have to find somebody for the first time

    All that said anybody not doing should take the plunge, your productivity will go up massively, just understand you will have the odd frustration along the way

    Thanks for sharing the interview with us, it’s a really important area for those not yet started Tony

  6. Rick

    Hi Rob,
    I’ve not done any outsourcing yet but I am looking forward to reaching that level of business where I’ll know that to move forward I have no other choice.

    Thanks for the audio I’ll listen to it later 😉

  7. Jazmin

    Your perspective on becoming “painted into a corner” is very timely for me. I have all of the concerns you outlined, but now realize I have to bite the bullet and go for it. Since I am a General Contractor the concept of building a team makes perfect sense. Just one more daunting skill that must be mastered.

    Thanks for the excellent advice!


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