How to Use NLP to Influence and Capture More Clients With Less Effort

imageWhat is NLP?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), according to Wikipedia, is based on “A model of interpersonal communication….

to change their patterns of mental and emotional behavior”.  However, the credibility and purpose of NLP in a “clinical” environment is debated amongst various officials…

…But this isn’t about the traditional purpose of NLP.


I have something more practical in mind here. There is no doubt that many of these hidden principles of influence do indeed work. I have used them, many times unknowingly, with much success. In fact, most of the time we aren’t even aware that we use these skills in our daily lives.

So what is the BIG deal?

Once you recognize when and how to use these principles you will gain a greater understanding of how to implement them. So first you must understand and then you need to “apply” the concepts. And the use can have far reaching effects to create positive outcomes for you.

But how does this apply to you?

Have you ever had a conversation with someone you knew you could help but struggled to get your message across? Maybe it was your wife, husband, child, mother, brother or best friend. It could be about diets, car repair or perhaps raising children. Whatever the topic, sometimes you know more than your friend or family member is willing to listen to. If the conversation goes badly, there might even be flat out tension. Perhaps you have felt that way when attempting to convince a customer that they need your help. I often find myself thinking ” If you would just listen to me I could help you”! But they wont listen.

Why is it so hard sometimes ?

It could be the way the message is delivered, rather than the content or even a combination issues. And this is where the hidden art of NLP comes in handy. NLP principles can take a challenging conversation and magically transform impossible chatter into your desired outcome with no resistance.

So what can you do?

This is where it gets good or you! I happen to have a “friend in the business”. He happens to be a master of Black Ops NLP and he offered to do an interview that I recorded for you yesterday. In the interview he shares some real tips that you can use and apply today:



If you want to access the NLP training mentioned on this call, you can get access to the Black Ops NLP training here.

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10 thoughts on “How to Use NLP to Influence and Capture More Clients With Less Effort

  1. Francisco Navarro

    DJ really knows NLP. Great discussion. Tony we haven’t meet, but I’ve studied NLP for some time, there are those as with any field that are full of B.S. But as you said your open to the idea you’ll be amazed of how often you’ll come across people using NLP without stating they are. Especially if you read books on sales, consumer marketing, or human behavior. Many of the the well known self-help guru’s take NLP and re brand it as their own.

    Robert, thanks for having DJ as a guest. Much appreciated. It was a pleasure meeting you in Atlanta, hopefully well meet again.
    I appreciate your the information you share and your style of marketing and business philosophy.

    All the best,


  2. Dhaval

    Great Stuff! I like the concept of using NLP with purpose and integrity.

    This call was a great overview of using NLP for sales, I would love to hear more about the specifics like handling cold calls, getting through the gate-keeper, etc..

  3. Charlie Lyons

    Great interview. I’m a huge advocate of NLP and many friends of mine are practitioners of NLP. Really enjoyed this Robert!

    Thank you,


  4. Tony Clingan

    Hi Robert

    It’s interesting reading this because we are both on the same lines today

    I had until Saturday been sceptical about NLP but I would have to say my mind has been opened to the possibilities since David Key was our keynote speaker

    Thanks for sharing Tony

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